Lovely Sunday

What a lovely Sunday morning it was! Two things: The Mumbai Marathon excitement plus the fact that the weather was so conducive to running…I felt happy for all the participants of the half and full marathon who needed a cool start to the day.
We started off sharp 9.10 am from the starting point. As I was representing the Forum For Autism we had the company of Harsha Bhogle who is also the Brand Ambassador for the Forum. Harsha has sponsored a special child’s education and special needs and encourages everyone else to do so as well. Chitra Iyer, President of Forum for Autism, was there. So were Alyona, both my daughters Rachita and Kriti, and Harsha’s wife Neeta. We had a few special children too with us and we always choose to walk the Dream Run so that they can participate too. We had supporters of the cause who are young and old and cannot necessarily run too. We had prominent placards for holding up and making our presence felt in the 38,000 plus crowd! Right at the starting point had the opportunity to have quick word with Ms Priya Dutt who had some relevant questions for us….there is hope that there would be some steps taken to increase the awareness about autism. We were actually quite in front of the crowd and finished by 10.45….the fastest we have done in all these years.
We had a lunch invitation from a dear friend so our afternoon went in that followed by a massive shopping session for the weekly provisions…early dinner and early lights out!
Monday begins with a back to back schedule of meetings. For today, how about some protein rich foods for a good start to a hectic week.
Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor.

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