Butter chicken – In masterchef style

Delhi is a haven for gourmets. So when in Dilli, eat like the Dilliwala does! Go to any affordable roadside eatery or to the elite five star restaurants or be absolutely ‘in’ and visit the India Habitat Centre or Delhi Haat. There is this speciality about puppies- the Prosperous Urban Punjabi – great show offs, whether it be clothes, the home, the car or the food. And what better place than Delhi to experience the food that is ‘in’! But mind you, there are some ingrained food habits that will never change – begin the morning with loads of tea and biskut or rusk, slip out for a hearty plate of chole bhature (let the world eat the fruits, cereals and egg white omelette!), leisurely lunch on gheewali roti, butter chicken, matar paneer, aloo gobhi, dal makhani, pulao and something meetha; evening snack could be a hot samosa sandwiched in bread and then dinner: something heavy too preceded by some chicken tikka and drinks (the favourite is whisky – the joke goes that Scotland does not make as much Scotch as is sold in Delhi!). And, herein lies our case. All this does not deter (and will not deter) the resident to look at options too because tasty food is a big attraction in Delhi. They love eating out and more so, food is available round the clock! Check out Cumsums at Hazrat Nizamuddin at 2 am one early morning!
As we take a brief look at the makings of butter chicken, know that Dilliwale love other chicken preparations too: tariwala chicken, tandoori murgh are eternal favourites. This love for chicken is phenomenal and will never diminish. The climate of Delhi allows the residents to indulge in foods that could otherwise prove heavy for digestion. To make butter chicken, first make the Tandoori Chicken. Shred it. Then prepare a makhani gravy. Serve the butter chicken with naan or parantha.

One thought on “Butter chicken – In masterchef style

  1. Sanjeevji, your writing style is simply graceful, presenting is artless, cooking is so effortless – all so exceptional! It is difficult to decide which one is better! Pl. keep it up and have a happy new year!! -Jayashree Deshpande

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