Launching TYC in Kathmandu

Another Monday at the office after an exciting and joyous Christmas weekend. And the fun does not end here, it will continue now till we enter into the New Year with a bang! The celebration was really a refreshing factor amidst my traveling and touring…after all we all need a little bit play along with our work to keep it going smoothly.
Weekend was spent in fun. Kriti, my younger daughter is selected for 400 metres All India School Nationals in athletics. She is training there with kids from all over India. I’m happy about her selection and prospects and that she has adjusted well to training and camp.
As for my routine goes, lots of meetings happening. This sure will pace up as we come closer to the year end when our channel FOODFOOD finally goes on air, which means there would be more and more shoots as well. Plus, the launch of the new TYC branches opening up at various places. The Yellow Chilli chain of restaurants has already crossed the figure of two dozens in pan Indian market, soon to be opening in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia too. One is opening in Kathmandu (Blue Bird Mall, Tripureshwar). I am going there for its launch tomorrow and this venture will strengthen the Indo Nepal ties as food speaks the universal language of love.
Check out for the newly added feature like the tab section on the homepage. Now we have different sections separately assigned for various recipes along with the shopping section. It allows easier browsing and you can find your favourites even more quickly without going through the entire recipe list. It also gives you the option of the types of recipes and so this becomes pretty convenient and more user friendly.
Meanwhile, check out some light food using the winter bounty Spinach and Pumpkin Curry, Gajar Gobhi Shalgam ka Saag and wind up with a creamy Gur aur Akhrot ki Phirni.

More later!

Sanjeev Kapoor

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