Christmas celebrations – something different next year

Christmas with its beautiful colours and friendly times will come again! Time does not stop for anyone but it does bring home some bitter truths about the changing face of the Earth. Celebrations and parties means there is bound to some extra stuff to dispose off like disposable plates, glasses, napkins and bags. Celebrations also mean that more electricity has been used and maybe you did have a fresh fir tree. All these do point out that some portion of the natural resources has been used up, forever.
It is this time that one can become complacent about the environment in the name of celebrations and holidays. But it is important to remain green, look at being eco friendly more so. So a clean green Christmas needs to be planned. It could mean going green in the rituals, in the décor and food and entertainment. In fact we could see green clothed Santas this year…showing that eco friendly celebrations have made a good start and need to be reiterated.
Christmas trees: Artificial trees are also a good choice as they can be reused over and over for many years and in case you get bored, you can buy another one. If at all you are chopping down a real tree, make sure that you plant another one in its place!A large potted plant or a small tree can be used each year as your Christmas tree rather than buying a real tree that has been cut down. The real tree finally gets thrown away adding real damage to the environment.
Christmas decorations: You can make homemade wreaths using fresh foliage. Handmade décor made from recycled or eco- friendly materials are also a good option.
Christmas tree ornaments: Painted eggshells, aluminum foil, paper chains, paper snowflakes, old CD’s, gingerbread men, cookies etc all make excellent ornaments. Use your kid’s doll decorated as an angel for the tree top.
Gifts: In case your gift requires batteries, ensure that you include the rechargeable sorts with charger. In fact, you can simply gift a box of rechargeable batteries! Make the gifts at home if you really cannot think of what to give! Cakes, cookies are always appreciated.
Gift wraps: Colourful magazine papers, or using coloured pictures from your child’s colouring books for wrapping and decorating gifts is a good idea. You can put your gift inside another gift such as a decorative tin, wooden box and tie them with ribbons, etc. Using gift wraps, gift boxes, ribbons and bows from previous year’s celebrations is being sensible.
Greeting cards, gift tags and packaging materials: Save paper by sending an e-card. You can use crushed newspaper for box fillers.

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