Ushering into the New Year…

My Canada and US tour is somewhat over and while I wait here to get back to my country in anticipation, the humongous amount of snow everywhere just does not seem to go down in quantity. The flights are already delayed (and some of them cancelled as well!). I am stuck here because of the snow and God only knows when this is going to get over (I really am eager to get back home now!)

Leaving my departure hassles aside, let me just talk about New Year which is around the corner. With Christmas just before the New Year, we see homes, markets and other places already lit up and dazzling with the festive and celebration mood. Trust me, it is one of my favourite times of the year with so much of happiness and joy around. And what better than food to enjoy this mood with. Try out some of my choices for this Christmas and the year end on

Bailey’s Irish Crème Mousse

With New Year, come resolutions because we all feel the need to change and what day is better than the beginning of the year, January 1. Resolutions help us to start afresh habits than to break an old one. This year, make sure to fulfil the goals that you set by planning them well before. Share your resolutions with family and friends and I’m sure they will help you to achieve it by encouraging and supporting you at every step. I know for sure the satisfaction that you can gain when you see yourself completing something which you’ve decided to. So, I would say just go ahead and throw up a challenge for yourself and aim to complete it!

Sticky Date Pudding

Take a pledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle by including fruits and vegetables in your diet, drinking lots of water, exercising, be good to humans as well as the flora and fauna, spread happiness around…all in all, just build a more positive behaviour! Just plan to work on such things and leave the rest to God. I’m sure He’s always there to bless and help everybody!

Apple Crumble

Till I get back home.
Sanjeev Kapoor


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