Christmas recipes – Dealing with baking blunders

Christmas time means a lot of baking, and novices could face some problems. Baking is quite an art and while mastering it, one has to cope with a lot of baking disasters. One has to start with simple recipes and then improve on their baking skills by practicing more and more and should try and not push themselves in attempting to master a difficult recipe at once.
Disaster strikes first, then creativity. And that is where the end result lies. Take a tip or two from the following:
While baking a chocolate cake, if it turns out too moist; one can always call it a pudding and serve it hot with a fluffy sauce.
For a sponge cake turning into a thin, flat, biscuit layer; one can use a biscuit cutter to cut it into fancy shapes and serve it sandwiching together with jam and cream.
When a cake sinks in the middle; the centre can be cut out and decorated with fruits, cream or butter cream.
While microwaving a cake, if it gets overcooked and hard; one can pierce it with a skewer and sprinkle with concentrated juice. The cake can be wrapped in food wrapping and kept for a day or two.
A soufflé should be immediately returned to the oven if it collapses. This way it usually puffs up again in a few minutes and can then be removed again.
While baking, if a cake sticks to the tin; one can loosen the cake by wringing a cloth out of hot water and placing it under the tin.
One can convert a bread into a pudding if it does not turn out the way it should. It really is as simple as it sounds.
For starters who want to try Christmas recipes, how about going through these:


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