Recipes for Christmas – Bake that perfect cookie

Christmas and cookies are just inseparable from each other. Some of the most common cookie shapes that can be found during this time are stars, angels, bells, trees, etc. Cookies are also the most conventional snack which the children leave for Santa on Christmas Eve.
Usually, the mixing of cookie dough is quick and easy.
three important tips:
Let the butter, eggs, nuts and any other ingredients warm almost to the room temperature unless it is specified.
Keep in mind, not to overbeat the dough once the flour is added to the wet ingredients in a recipe, as this can result in tough cookies.
While combining different flours, one has to keep in mind that too much flour makes cookies tough and dry and too little makes them spread and lose their shape. One can experiment by substituting dried fruit for nuts, vice-versa or a combination of both to have variations. The same goes for extracts, chocolate chips or coconut. Try Chocolate Chip Cookies and the peanut Butter and oatmeal Cookies.
Cookie recipes are the most swapped recipes for Christmas! When baking cookies, it is always advisable to preheat the oven 20 minutes before baking and incase of a convection oven, it has to be set to 25° lower than the recipe requirements.
Six important tips:
While choosing a baking sheet, keep in mind to choose a medium-to-heavy-gauge baking sheet. Aluminum sheets having a shiny baking surface and dulled bottoms should be used as they produce even browning.
Cookie sheets must be greased with butter. Cookies having a high amount of fat can be baked on ungreased sheets.
When the baking sheet is to be filled, keep in mind that it has to be done by placing cookies of equal size and thickness atleast one inch apart.
Cool and wipe the cookie sheets with a dry paper towel between batches.
While baking, make sure to bake only one sheet of cookies at a time, on the centre oven rack. For even baking, rotate the sheet halfway through for even baking.
Place the cookies on the racks to cool, within 2-3 minutes after cookies have finished baking. And if cookies cool and stick to the sheet, return them to the oven for a few minutes to heat and soften again.
Decorations can be used smartly:
sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar to indicate spices (click on christmas Cookies)
few coconut shreds to indicate a coconut filling.

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