Traditional Indian recipes – They do help in popularizing Indian cuisine

Friends, Indian food abroad is no longer confined to chicken tikka masala and naan. It would surprise you to know that Indian restaurants abroad are doing spectacular business. Our experiences with Khazana and Options in Dubai are very pleasant. In fact Dubai is flourishing because of Indian corporates too. As the demand for Indian food goes up simultaneously so does the popularity of the Indian restaurants! Lulla Mussa Dal, Dal Makhni, Nalli Gosht and many such typically Indian preparations served at Khazana in Dubai are much loved!
Let us look at some of the factors that make Indian food so popular outside the country.
Indian diaspora
That’s a special lot! Some years ago an Indian would settle abroad occupied as a taxi driver or a gas station attendant. Now we have our people in the IT sector big time, medical research and practicing doctors, there are space scientists too…these people might be residing in distant lands but have succeeded because of their single minded and focused hard work. This enhances the respectability of the country and of course, the awareness about Indian food goes up. As these residents crave for home cooked food specially the popular dishes like Murgh Makhni, Palak Paneer and the ubiquitous Naan there are establishments that provide them and the locals too get interested generally. There is a demand for Indian restaurants and hence they are mushrooming.
MNCs look at India for business. And as they set foot here and make India their base their palates get accustomed to our style of cooking. They appreciate it, in fact it is easy to get addicted to Indian food. Among this breed the most sought after dishes are the Tandoori Chicken and Biryani. As a result over the past few years, there has been tremendous global interest in Indian cuisine and eateries.
With the sort of influx of tourists that our country attracts there are open channels for food likings to go out into foreign kitchens too. This is a well-accepted and simple fact that a well-traveled person knows a lot about foreign foods. Well, there are exceptions, but as you will see there is a positive aspect of these exceptions too. When our Gujaratis and Jains travel out of the country they carry their own food like Chhunda, Thepla, Aloo ki Sukhi Sabzi, Murmura Chiwda and being the ever hospitable people that they are offer them to their newly made friends in the foreign lands. Hence they qualify as messengers propagating the cause of Indian cuisine. Their diet choices are looked after by the travel companies and they in turn set up kitchens abroad. So there is a lot of Indian food being cooked out there!
Research and publicity
Indian food is a topic for researchers and anthropologists. And the deeper one digs, more and more facts come to the fore. This adds to the riches of Indian culture. When it comes to publicity, Indian movies do a great job! They have a tremendous impact on foreign audiences and are the perfect showcase for our culture and cuisine. In fact, Indian marriages abroad surpass the feasting arranged here! And the wonderful news is that so many non-Indians fly down especially to have their elaborate ceremonies in India. Do you think Indian food is the magnet? Yes it is.
Information era
Websites on food thrive. Ours has ninety percent of its subscribers who are not residing in India. Then we have food shows abroad and also well accepted cookery books. All this, in a slow trickle, add to the ocean of the greatness of Indian cuisine.
Food exports
Ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat ranges from India, be it simple home recipes of dals and vegetables, be it pickles, chutneys or snacks are in the foreign market. And the demand is growing. The variety offered sticks to traditional Indian recipes and this adds to the intrigue!
New generation of Indian chefs
It is also enlightening to know that some experimental cooking headed by a new generation of Indian Chefs abroad have created new dishes that are so good that they are appearing on menus here at home! The tastes of the customers have changed with more and more people steering away from the korma and masala dishes, eating more savoury dishes like Garlic Chicken or Rogan Josh.
Ethnic is exotic, ethnic is in! Indian is hot, Indian is in!

One thought on “Traditional Indian recipes – They do help in popularizing Indian cuisine

  1. Sujana

    Hi Sanjeev ji,I grew up watching you every week in Khana Khazana and writing down those wonderful recipes in my diary. I think I fell in love with cooking in a very young age and the major chunk of credit goes to you. A couple of months back, I have opened my own blog and am trying to share the recipes I know with the rest of the world.If it wasn't for your show, I dont think, I would have opened my blog… Thank you once again !!!!Sujana

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