Diwali recipes : Some tricks for treats

The time for festivities is now! And it is going to be a hectic week loaded with food! We are sure there will be a feeling of being so replete that no one would want to eat anything heavy for years! But the fact remains that the trickle of guests is bound to continue for some more time and there is going to be some entertaining from your side.
So there are these boxes of sweets in the fridge that you would rather give away, and packet of fried stuff in the snack bins that you don’t feel like eating right now but the stream of guests and the constant gifting continues…
What does one do?
Dry fruits will keep for quite some time tucked away in the corner of the fridge. In fact as the weather turns cooler, convert some pistas, almonds and cashewnuts into Dry Fruit Chikki.
Like I said that the friends and relatives will come in a slow trickle as they find the time to visit you and it becomes difficult to make something new or fancy every other day. Plus you are laden with so much mithai. I have some ideas that will solve both problems.
Firstly, use the boondi ladoos as stuffing in paranthas and call it Boondi Ladoo Parantha.
The kaju katli can well be used to thicken phirni, it will give a nutty taste too, and you can make something as exotic as Barfiwali Chocolate Phirni.
The pedas, as they are made with khoya, can be whisked with a little thickened milk and frozen in moulds to give you Kesari badam Kulfi.
The plain barfis can be grated and used as stuffing in paranthas, yet again, and remember to serve with rose syrup and rabdi.
The guests will have raised eyebrows at this touch of genius plus you will be happier at the thought that your efforts have been well received. Plus the fridge is happy too as the air can circulate again!
I am sure your thoughts are going towards the namkeens stored away too! I would convert the chiwdas into bhels, the kachoris into chaats, the ganthia into a sabzi with a gravy of onions and tomatoes, crush the chaklis and mix it with crushed khakhras and serve this new farsaan with élan! As for those karanjis and ghughras they are best consumed either fresh or then ‘refreshed’ with a dash of butter and baked for ten minutes.
Well, here is wishing you a comfortable sweet ending to some fantastic festive partying! More Diwali recipes.

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