Diwali sweet recipes – Ah, the sweet tooth is waiting patiently!

Diwali means mithai, meetha, and more! Actually serving the sweets part is simpler than the savoury salty part. Our ideas what you could develop further: make Chilli Icecream and expect raised eyebrows at the name but pleased grins at the tasting! The mithai part can be continued in a Mithai Sundae with vanilla and butterscotch ice creams layered with crushed chikki, mini gulab jamuns, jam and cake! Cake is also superb paired with gajar halwa but sizzle it with rabdi and wow the guests with this ‘active’ dessert. Perfect fireworks on the table! For those who prefer dairy, dish up Apple Rabdi. It will score high on the novelty chart. Well, all is not done yet.
For an offering of Diwali sweet recipes with a difference make Beancurd Peda. Grate 100 grams of beancurd and place in a bowl. Add 3 tablespoons of grated khoya and mix. Add sufficient sweetened condensed milk to mix the above mixture into a soft dough. Divide into marble sized portions and shape into balls. Flatten the balls lightly and serve. Or you could impress your relatives with a Colourful Lassi. Blend hung yogurt with sugar to make thick lassi. Divide the lassi into four portions. Mix two tablespoons of strawberry puree with one portion, two tablespoons of kiwi puree with second portion and saffron with third portion. Let the fourth portion remain white. Take a tall glass and first pour the saffron lassi. Place two slices of kiwifruit over it and then pour a little of the kiwi lassi. Place three slices of strawberry over it. Now pour the strawberry lassi and place a few strawberry slices over this too. Finally pour the white lassi over it and place some more strawberry slices over it and serve immediately. If there is a rush, serve Vanilla Ice cream with Cookie Crumble. Place two scoops of vanilla ice cream in a long stemmed glass; sprinkle four crushed chocolate chip cookies and drizzle chocolate sauce as required and serve.
As you read through the Diwali sweet recipes, look out in this space for some low-cal Diwali snacks.

Diwali recipes – The traditional with a health twist!

Festivals bring on two emotions: joy and happiness…of being with family and friends celebrating with the choicest of traditional sweets and savouries. But now things are a little different, aren’t they? We no longer want to have the deep fried samosas and mawa burfis. But we still want to have the traditional festive foods! The balance is struck when we make some healthier versions of the traditional festive foods.
A change for the better is always welcome. We can bake our samosas and karanjis with ease and make halwas less sweeter. We can substitute refined flour with whole wheat flour. Some sweets can be made using sugar substitutes whereas dates are a good addition as a sweetener too. Even ice cream is tastier and healthier with fresh fruit puree like Yogurt and Chickoo Icecream.

We realize that it is better to stress on use of less oil, less trans fat and less sugar. It holds true for all age groups. So why not make a beginning this season by creating more awareness about the latest health trends? Make these Diwali recipes, gift wrap them if you may, and floor your friends with fresh home made sweets and savouries that are high in health and taste!
One could well imagine having custard and kheer with a sugar substitute. There are mithai shops now with a separate counter for sweets for diabetics! The base of such sweets are dates or figs but the fact remains that there is no added sugar. In fact the skeptical would rather prefer to make the same at home and be sure that there is no added sugar. Try the Date and Hazelnut Laddoo.
Jaggery also is a good sweetener and can be added to kheers if someone does not prefer to use sugar substitutes. Well, the features of the two are different but at least you can avoid granulated processed sugar. It is also difficult to contemplate sweets or mithais with less ghee. For that matter halwas and laddoos are not possible. The alternative at this juncture could be fruit based halwas made in nonstick cookware. Yes, you would need a little ghee but not as much as a flour based preparation. Some people just chill fruits very well, chop and enjoy as a dessert. That’s perfect because they have the satisfaction of a chilled, sweet ending to a meal. Certain enterprising sweet tooths would also use a trick or two and have rasogullas, after draining them and then squeezing out the sugary syrup. The taste remains the same but the sugar intake is cut down!

Gear up for the festivities

It is going to be a busy bustling time in office and home…for Diwali is around the corner and there is so much to do. Thoughts veer toward gifting ideas and making lists…thoughts veer toward sweets and snacks and many party menus….also some creative thinking about how to go low cal!
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Preparing for Diwali is fun actually. As the weather is also improving with a little nip developing in the air, I think its going to be a pleasant ride for a while. Let’s enjoy…with some healthy food for dinner.

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor.