Diwali recipes: Setting the low calorie trend!

The world revolves around snacks! And with the festive season on, it is quite natural for many households to put the kadai on and fry till all the snack tins are filled to the brim. Be it crunchy snacks that can be stored or fresh ones that need to be served immediately, the fact remains that if not fried then not tried! We do serve idlis and dhoklas but people look forward to bingeing during pre Diwali, Diwali and even post Diwali days…the contention being who would finish off everything at home!
Are you the one who has always been the one for snacks? Then right now, right here we have some ideas for low calorie snacks that can totally satisfy you with their variety as well as the fact that though low in fat they are high in taste. They will keep the crackling spirit of Diwali alive, don’t worry.
Bhel: What a nice crunchy medley! Puffed rice, chutneys, onions, tomatoes, potatoes… all together a healthy snack. Recommend that you keep a tin of lightly roasted puffed rice in your snack bin. As now we are calorie conscious skimp on the sev and puris otherwise it is a perfect dish. Even dry bhel without chutneys and a dash of lemon is enjoyable. Play with ideas: add sprouts, fresh pomegranate pearls, cucumbers, peanuts…mix up the bhel when the visitors come in and make it as colourful as you can. Try out Sprout Bhel.
Baked karanjis: A traditional snack with the smack of modernity! Try these and know that these and are unbelievably good. You can even make the stuffing healthier by including dates and anjeer. Check out Date and Anjeer Baked Karanji. So give the ghee a glad miss and let the oven do the cooking.
Corn: Corn niblets make a kingly snack. Just boil for three to four minutes and serve warm with a little knob of butter and a dash of lemon. Add salt and a pinch of red chilli powder. We suggest Corn Bhel with boiled niblets, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and chutneys and you can top with crushed cornflakes and give sev a miss. Corn with tomato salsa also tastes excellent on plain wheat khakhras.
Idlis: When you make idlis try different toppings so that they become a handy, tasty, spicy snack that is low in fat. Try to be creative so that the final result is attractive. Invest in cocktail idli or button idli moulds. These small idlis with toppings look delightful! Kanchipuram idlis served banana leaf is so very festive in looks!
Fruits: A whole fruit – be it an apple, a banana, an orange or some plums or pears, are unmatched in their nutritive properties. To make things different cut some up and sprinkle with chaat masala. Garnish with a flourish of a tomato rose! A Fruit Chaat like this can be quite filling and of course, quick and low calorie! Fruits can also help make smoothies that are easy to make and easy on the palate too. And of course you can give the coloured synthetic sweet syrups a miss and bid the colas adieu.
Set the example with these Diwali recipes this month and see the fun next year round!

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