Diwali snacks and sweets: New ideas that pop and crackle

Diwali comes and goes but what remains is a pile of mithai boxes that you really do not want to finish, or then you would have some snack tins filled with variety of different chaklis and karanjis that have been lovingly presented to you by your near ones and dear friends. Do you want this Diwali to be the same? Let us look at different ways that snacks and sweets can be offered to your well wishers…you would certainly enjoy making them, and they will certainly love to demolish them.
I have indulged in some exotic vegetarian kabab recipes this season. Look out for novel ways to fill up your guests because traditional fare is welcomed…like a damp squib! So what if you take some mozzarella cheese and convert it into Chhupa Rustom Kababs? You would require an outer covering of potatoes with blanched peas and spinach and in the center keep a small cube of mozzarella. Roll in cornflour and let it go into the kadai. Drain well. As you bite into it, soft melted cheese oozes out much to the surprise of all. Mozzarella that way is a lot of fun to work with. Try Fried Herbed Mozzarella which can easily be made by coating slices of the cheese with breadcrumbs flavoured with basil and parsley.
We need to add more colour to the platter. Take a prune. Stuff it with a cherry tomato. Now cover this with a mixture of potatoes and blanched pureed spinach. I would flavour it well with garam masala and chaat masala. Shape into tikkis and shallow fry. A surprise package with a marvellous textured filling. Or if you want to go back to the shahi presentations try the Rajma Galouti. Boiled mashed rajma with sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, khoya, saffron soaked in kewra water, cashewnut paste…formed into tikkis/kababs and shallow fried in pure ghee. Replete!
Let me take it one step further: exotic Asparagus and Green Peas Kabab with Avocado Chutney. Yes, the name might be a mouthful but the procedure is simple. And yes, you would not only need fresh asparagus and peas, avocados and paneer but also a couple of star fruits for stuffing. The purees of asparagus and peas are first cooked till quite thick and mixed with roasted gram flour and fresh paneer. Put chaat masala and seasonings and shape into tikkis stuffing them with chopped star fruits. Shallow-fry. The avocado chutney takes smoothness and tartness from blanched tomatoes so the colour is quite attractive too. More Diwali snack recipes.

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