10 top Diwali recipes and serving ideas

What could be more wonderful than getting our hands on good quality mithais for Diwali at reasonable prices! Well, the going is tough with some mithais touching more than 500 Rs a kilo! So what could be best as gifting ideas for friends and relatives? Yes, you guessed correctly: make your sweets at home. Two things are ensured….they will be hygienic and of good quality because you are buying the best of the raw ingredients. And the price? They are priceless because of the love that goes into them as you enjoy your cooking and the appreciation that you will win from your friends and relatives.
So what is best for homemade Diwali sweets that can be boxed? www.sanjeevkapoor.com has a plethora of sweets and you only have to choose what takes your fancy. You could gift them in nice food grade plastic boxes decorated with a little glitter. Suggestions that are likely to come your way are of: Anjeer and date burfi, badami besan ke laddoo, balushahi, boondi laddoo, choco coconut laddoos, chocolate and nut karanjis, dry fruit and khajur laddoo, gajar pista burfi, kaju pista roll, pineapple burfi, two coloured coconut barfi…
If you are the adventurous sort try out some different Diwali recipes at home. Here goes:
Like covering gulab jamuns with boondi. Serve them in halves, garnished with pistachio flakes.
A bread pudding with peas puree. It is different and tasty.
Chocolate samosa that will evoke a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’. Simply fold some grated chocolate in a samosa patti and deep fry. Serve immediately.
Santra basundi with oranges giving it a wonderful tang.
Those who look forward to salty and savory crunchies….there is something in store for you too!!
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