Monsoon ka magic

I was thrilled to see the enthusiastic response to the Monsoon Snack contest. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all your recipes….it was no mean task short listing only 2 winners! And while reading through good recipes, hunger pangs are bound to strike and this is what happened to me too….lovely mouth watering contributions and I think so many of you are talented chefs. So, Congrats to the winners and better luck to all of the rest for the next time.

We have just finished canning some more episodes of Khana Khazana and there are some novelties lined up for you….how to cook fast and smart, how to cook with less fat, and loads of different snacks best for tea time and as starters. I do want to tell you more but then there is no fun if the suspense is not built up. Right!

In fact, the demand for new snack recipes will live forever! I think everyone enjoys a new starter or snack for the simple reason that they add some panache to daily food of dal chawal roti sabzi. Imagine a meal with the essential four just mentioned and one exciting new snack dished up as a surprise…kids would be thrilled and so would the elders be as excitement is an important addition to the dining table. The same holds true for new desserts and one can add zest to daily meals by serving new snacks and desserts alternately.

To liven up the weekend table, here are snacks and desserts that you should try:

Stuffed Potato Shells
Pyaaz Tamatar ka Bun
Oatmeal and Buttermilk Teacakes

Have a good weekend!
Sanjeev Kapoor.


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