Mango is king, tips to remain cool

Spent a good part of the day commuting to and fro Pune. Attended the Mango Fiesta at TYC Pune. The dishes are intriguing and you can have your fill of great new recipes with mangoes there (it is located at Lifestyle, Koregaon Park). I love this juicy king of the fruits and also know that they are enriched with vitamin A that is good for eyesight and also improves formation of healthy epithelium so that you keep away common infections. Enjoy the ripe ones as dessert, pickle the raw ones and better still boil a few raw mangoes, dilute the pulp with aqua, add a pinch or two of roasted cumin powder and black salt and cool down with a glass of chilled panna which will give the colas a run for their money. Our health gurus say with every mango you eat, drink a glassful of milk. Mango has sugars but no protein. Milk has the latter but not the former. So why not combine them, yeah, a mango milkshake is the best, for it will give your body the best nourishment for the summer.

It is also the gourd season. It is the time to bring home the pethas, laukis and tindas. They are fresh produce with high water content and if made the right way, make lunch and dinner substantial with curd and chapatis. Throw in a few cucumbers too as they are refreshing and cooling. Have them in a sandwich for breakfast, have them cut as batons for mid-morning munchies, have them in the raita for lunch…apply some cucumber juice on your face as a natural bleach and toner, place slices of it on your eyes to provide coolness. Wow, that’s a long list.

Recipes for summer could include Manpasand Lauki, Aam ka Panna and Cucumber Koshimbir.

More updates from Singapore later in the week.

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor.

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