Jeet Gaye !

The cricket fever has caught up with Khana Khazana: we have our own team called Khana Khazana Spice Routers that will be playing the preliminary matches with other teams (a tournament being organised by Blue Sky).
Today we had one match and Alyona, Rajeev (COO) and myself had been there to cheer the team.
We played against the IOSians (IOS Relocations International). Some great instances of bowling and batting by my champion boys. As the match picked up, we all had goose bumps and our hearts were beating fast.. really fast.
We batted first and scored 50 runs in 6 overs. Then came the opponent team and it was war, we bowled them all out and we won the match by 22 runs today.
Indeed ! a splendid and wonderful afternoon spent with my proud team.
Tomorrow, there is yet another battle of cricket against a strong team and I am going to be there to cheer my Spice Routers. They have been practicing sincerely and I am sure we all are going to enjoy good cricket.
Let’s go for it boys ! has some lovely easy recipes for Mother’s Day that can be prepared by budding chefs. But in the worst scenario mothers can make this delightful kiddie stuff and bring joy and happiness to their young ones! You choose…also towing in line are some excellent Chinese stir-fries, noodles and rice recipes that will cheer up the daily menu to a great extent!

As is my endeavour always to give you some good ideas for the weekend, here goes:

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