Tips on hydration

The other day I heard Alyona pressing Kriti to have more water to drink. This got me thinking. So how much water is enough for you? Or better still how much is needed on a daily basis? Well, I know for sure that an average healthy individual should consume 1500 – 2500 ml of water per day for proper functioning of the body and to prevent dehydration, constipation, urinary infection etc and this requirement is based on the dietetic habits, climate and physical activities. With meals, a moderate amount will not dilute the digestive juices but do not drink copious amounts. As summer has fully embraced us hydration at the right moments becomes more and more important for an active person. If you are travelling, ensure some extra glasses of water a day before and on the day of the trip. While in flight, keep in consideration the low humidity levels, so have one glass of water for every hour in the air. Summer sears so needless to say, as the temperature outside rises, the water intake should increase! In fact, if you know you are going to be in the warm outdoors for long, spruce up with lots of water. Even summer colds and flus can lead to dehydration. Be careful because it does not help the sickness. Drink more water and fight the germs. You’ll get better sooner. And yes, the cup that cheers, that is tea and for some coffee – these liquids brighten the mood but they are sure dehydraters. For every cup of beverages like these, drink up a glass of water.

Why not also eat foods that have a high water content? Watermelon has the highest content of water (95.8%). Another good food is cabbage. Milk and fruits have around 70 % whereas solids like bread, eggs, fowl, rice, wheat range between 10 and 50 %.

Here are some recipes, clean and light, but brimming with full flavour. So enjoy and know that your body is in the process of hydration!

Mango Panna, Homestyle mixed vegetable soup, Cucumber Koshimbir

Be cool.
Sanjeev Kapoor

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