There are sweet smells and sour smells, and the smell of sugar syrup on the boil, and the smell of pungent raw mango….all from our kitchen where new pickles are being tried out for you! I am sure most homes have the same activity in these weeks.

Also happening is a lot of decluttering …time to pick up and throw out the culprits like the foods that can cause any diet to falter. No matter what diet you are following, these few foods I will list are the ones that anyone serious about losing weight should give a miss:

White bread is really tasty. Especially when there is a nice layer of butter one slice and jam on the other! There is a good reason to love white bread. Most of us grew up on it! Plus, it is easy to like the taste of it better than whole grain varieties. White bread digests much quicker than whole wheat and therefore leaves you feeling hungry much sooner.

Fizzy drinks – This ‘sugar water’ is full of empty calories that go down so easily. Just one serving of regular cola packs in more than a hundred calories. But how many of us stop at just one serving? Go back for refills at your favourite fast food eatery and you can easily consume thousands of liquid calories in one sitting.
Juice sounds healthy, but fruit juice can pack in as many — if not more — calories than sweet aerated drinks. Go for the freshly squeezed citrus juices and try to avoid the pre-packed tetra packs. They only offer a momentarily quenching of thirst at convenience but the price to pay for this is heavy!
Frozen foods – Fish sticks and chicken nuggets may be convenient as they are easy to cook in the microwave, absolutely ready in seconds but they always mean diet disaster. They have been deep fried long before they have made their way to your freezer. Stick with fish and chicken as your protein choices, they are great for a low-carbohydrate and low-fat diet. Ensure to choose broiled, grilled, steamed and roasted varieties instead. Dairy is good for us because of its nutrient-content, particularly for women, who need calcium to prevent osteoporosis. But full-fat dairy products like whole milk and regular cheese are very not waistline-friendly in the least.

Well, the fact is that no one can always avoid fattening foods all the time. Remember, when it comes to long-term weight management, small changes are the ones you will find it easier to stick with. Try these low fat foods but tasty foods: Chicken stew, Apple Slaw, Chutney Lassi.

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor.

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