A year wiser

I move on one more year in my life today. Alyona has planned a quiet relaxed birthday for me as we have had a hectic time at the shoot. My girls are away in Delhi with Mom already enjoying their long vacation. Joining them on Tuesday as there is a wedding to attend. In this context, Alyona has also planned a shopping spree for herself during the weekend.

We will have Jyotsna, Mayur and Manit over for lunch and then maybe, in the evening attend a launch party. The plans are fluid. So are the plans fluid for the annual family trip! Now that the young ladies have determined minds, we have to come to a mutual agreement while deciding the place. I have Bangkok or Portugal in mind at the moment.

Also to be telecast on Times Now, April 10, a short sketch on me. Time is 4.30 pm and repeat on April 11 at 1.30 and 9.30 pm.

So while we all look forward to a great weekend, here are some simple recipes that can make cooking less tedious for you – Anda Parantha, Sev Boondi Bhel, Jelly Belly Icecream

Happy Cooking

Sanjeev Kapoor.

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