Dubai experience, our own cricket team, KK shoot

Got back from Dubai just before dawn today. The days were filled with work and I enjoyed making the new recipes at the Mega Mela. I have already updated you on the first lot that I demonstrated, and later on I showed how to make Corn and Mozzarella Patties (served with Beetroot Jam), a Fish Biryani and Prawn Golgappa with Kalakhatta. I will be sharing the recipes with you when time permits.

Right now, the cricket bug has got our team! In fact, we have our own team and these guys practice with fervour on ‘off’ days. I think it is tremendous exercise and if the fitness bug also gets my team, I will be very happy. I invite names from you for our cricket team that comprises of my Khana Khazana workforce. So let your ideas pour in.

The buzz is on as preparations for a Khana Khazana shooting schedule are already underway. The activity will reach a peak in a day or two and then everyone will put his or her head down and work, work and work till the episodes are canned and sent off to Zee. This too is an exciting time as the newness of cooking for you will never be jaded for me.

So while I get back into the groove, some recipes for you with the flavour of summer!

Gulab e Aab ,Bailley’s Irish Crème Mousse ,Lemony Fiesta
Be cool.
Sanjeev Kapoor.


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