Hello from Dubai

Hi. Lots of cooking here at the Zee Dubai Mega Mela! Made some Prawns in Chilli Kokum Sauce with lots of coconut, Chicken with smoky flavour, Shrikhand with a fruit compote and a very easy Caramel Bhapa Doi. Giving a live demonstration is a lot of fun because you can actually see the excitement that the viewer feels seeing the food being cooked. And the aromas….they do whet the appetite and it is generally a happy atmosphere as the love for food and cooking is a binding factor between me and the audience. I am thoroughly enjoying myself. Tomorrow have some other dishes lined up.

www.sanjeevkapoor.com has some delicious Easter goodies lined up for you. Hot Cross Buns and Apple Muffins make lovely gift baskets and my favorite Chicken and Prawn Laksa with Garlic Bread has been uploaded for you.

As summer vacations are also closing in, so are plans being made for our annual family trip. And as you would all know, there is always SO much to do before a holiday and then SO much to do after a holiday! I have tried to remain organized and be on top of things but, believe me, all work and no play is not what the doctors advise! You plan a short break during these summer months and come back to work refreshed. This is what doctors do advise. Summer months and kids at home also mean more cooking and time spent in the kitchen at home. So the lady of the house also needs a break…don’t you agree? We have lined up some vacation food features and recipes that kids can cook in the coming weeks. Of course, mango is on the threshold, well it is here but the fruits are not so sweet yet, so mango mood is going to dominate too in the days to come!
Before I pen off, my promised recipes for a lovely long weekend for you:

Baked Egg and Rice , Sichuan Kimchi Rice and of course, the easiest sweet dish, Bhapa Doi.

Catch you on Monday.
Sanjeev Kapoor.


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