Keep your cool .

If Mumbai is close to 32-36 deg now in March, wonder how things will be some more weeks later! We are feeling the heat! The only solution to keep away from the heat is to remain confined indoors and if possible in the lap of air- conditioned luxury. But life has to go on and there is work to do. The Yellow Chilli is nearly ready and I will be busy in Ahemdabad with that coming month, but first, flying off to Dubai for the Dubai Mela. Will be there from April 1-3.

So how would you brave the elements? The principles are simple: dress simply and wear light coloured cottons, exercise early in the morning or in late evenings, drink a lot of water and fluids and shower more than once a day. Spray on the deodorant lavishly and get that hair cut short. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses and hat and never venture out without them. As far as food intake is concerned indulge in light meals and cold soups and crisp salads. Indulge in homemade ice creams. Mix and match fruity flavours and enjoy.

Salads can be trimmed – replace oil dressings with low fat or yogurt-based dressings. Yogurt has a lot of digestive and cooling properties and it is a confirmed summer food! Make a tall glass of sweet lassi or a salty chaas with roasted cumin powder. Smoothies made with yogurt and fresh fruits are also nourishing beverages in summers. Some summer fruits like melons are best had raw and in handsome quantities.

The electricity bills too go upwards in summers! A good tip I have got from a friend is to keep the air filters in the air conditioners clean and dust free. They are more effective. Also keep the curtains drawn during the day to keep the sun out. Another creative thought is to fill up the hot water bottle with chilled water. Wipe dry and let it cool your bed before you retire.

Chilled delights wait: Yogurt and Chickoo Icecream, Tiramisu Icecream, Jelly Belly Icecream.

Many of you must be ready for the pickling season. Some tips for you next time I write.

Sanjeev Kapoor

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