No onion no garlic is in demand, Hooray for salads

My team is busy with a one day awareness course on HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) – more details later as there are points in this which a home kitchen can benefit from immensely.

As a growing organization we see new faces practically every month now. All thanks to the efforts of Sabita Shekhar who has been our “HR” department for the last few months. One woman army. She leaves us today for a good purpose. Everything in the recent past has had her stamp of working style. Sabi, your contribution to the organisation is immense and we all acknowledge it.

I have been swamped with rah rahs for salads! It’s great that many of you have written in appreciating the greatness of a salad for lunch. In fact I would love to share some lesser known secrets of a good salad that I have come across. Did you know that some place a saucer upside down in the bottom of the salad bowl before filling with salad? Excess moisture will run underneath the saucer and this will help keep the salad crisp and fresh. Here’s another one – to give a subtle garlic flavour to salad, cut a flake of garlic and rub the inside of the salad bowl with the cut surface. If beetroot is to be used in any salad, toss it in just before serving the salad or its colour will run into other ingredients. If all these sound familiar read this from an enterprising young lady – try using ice cream cones to serve salads and cut fruits, etc. to your food finicky toddler.

Another great demand is for food without onions and garlic. Giving you three delicious dishes here.

Thank God It’s Saturday, but well, thank God it’s summer too because it gives you a chance to try out delicious cooling drinks that many a parched throat would welcome…try khus syrup with lemon juice, or kairi panna or the good old sweet lassi! Make it differently with a drop of lemon and sweetened with honey instead of sugar. Nice and nutritious! Any of these in lieu of your late afternoon cup of tea is a wonderful idea. For munchies, a bhel or a soft salad sandwich would be ideal. Once you refill yourself at five then a light dinner around eight or so will wind up the day. I will develop some summer dinner ideas over the week end.

Till then, try Jain Dal Makhni, Jain Punjabi Chole, Jain Paneer Makhni. All are yum!

Sanjeev Kapoor.

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