Gudi Padwa greetings, look for the sunrays

As we recover from a long weekend, most of you would already be looking out for a holiday for Gudi Padwa on Tuesday. As a foodie would say it is ‘goodie Padwa’ with the traditional sweets and savouries marking the festivities. I am sure many new homes, many new cars would be brightening up many families on this occasion. Check out our suggestions for Gudi Padwa eats on There are also some special shopping offers for the day.

I had promised you some summer eating tips. Well, let me ask you what’s the most difficult thing about summer? For me it is getting up early in the morning! But mind you the mornings are pleasant and you must make use of the fresh breeze. How? Take a morning walk, jog! Take deep breaths while you do so. Till the monsoons come, I think a morning walk is a good exercise.

Now for the most important meal of the day! Yes, you know I am going to talk about breakfast! You get up. Some switch off an air conditioner. Some rush out to see if the sun is a wee bit paler. No? As we begin to freshen up and begin the day, the body silently craves for some fuel – breakfast! Yes, we have to break the night long fast with food . I suggest: a tall glass of a fresh fruit smoothie. Why the golden nuggets, called mangoes by most, do very well in milk and ice whizzed. Oh, still not in season (the ones that are visible are artificially ripened, cost exorbitant and are of a variety I call No Flavour)! Ditto for bananas, that is make a smoothie of them. That’s half a stomach smiling by now. The rest can accommodate a sandwich made with the healthier whole wheat bread, a slice of cheese as protein is petrol for you, maybe a sliver of fresh pineapple and a sprinkling of pepper. If you’re into desi food, an idli, plain or glorified with mustard and dal, is good stuff for that half stomach. Or upma? For me, personally the last is not the least as aloo paranthas and omelettes are reserved for cooler months.

Now that I have got you going for the day with a walk and a breakfast, I think you are equipped to live through a summer day. I am going to do the same and tackle work with renewed efforts.
Breakfast menu: Kanchipuram Idlis, Grilled Sprout Sandwich, Vegetable Juice.

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor.


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