Enjoy the season, be cool!

Whenever the season changes there is some excitement in the air simply because food lovers can expect some fresh vegetables, newer fruits in the market. As summer sets in, what’s the excitement you might say! Well, there is a colourful display of bhindi, cauliflower, tomatoes and what have you. All this in competition with sweet musk melons and still a good lot of green and black grapes!

Ever wondered why Mother Nature intended the season to be so full of lovely leafy green vegetables? Simply because this is an offering from Nature so that we remain energetic! Everywhere you can see piles of palak, methi, chawli, hare pyaaz, suva, and pudina. That is why I look at this time to use the best of the seasonal produce to great advantage. Hence my recipe Palak Bahar which is good to look at, better to taste and best in the nutrition aspect! Even fussy children cannot deny the visual appeal and hence do give it a try.

Talking about visual appeal, spring (yes, let’s call the March and April months as Spring!) is the season of colours and new flavours. Anything new evokes a lot of interest and when it comes to recipes, more so!

It is the world of change: change in traditions and taste sensations. Chefs and even home cooks, are experimenting with a variety of ingredients, techniques and presentations to create new dishes that can please one and all. This in brief is what is called fusion cuisine and has nothing to do with chemistry or physics and does not involve any specially designed cooking utensils! A variety of foods prevents boredom and provides new flavour experiences. Look at our Indian style Chinese food, or now aloo tikki burgers at American-style fast food joints, having instant noodles flavoured with Indian masala powder, or making a bread pudding using sweet boondi as a base! It is clearly fusion to present new creations and those too in an artistic way.

Taste is as important as looks as even as you try this dessert Chocolate Samosa with Cappucino Cream, you will realize it. Try the recipe when you have any guests over this weekend. Or better still, take a trial with family members first!

From now for the next few days I have decided that I am going to take you through the finer nuances of summer eating. Yes, cool stuff!

Now here are the Palak Bahar, Chocolate Samosa with Cappucino Cream and Melon Scoop Salad.

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor.


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