Always create magic in the kitchen

The Wonderchef event in Bangalore went off well yesterday. Flew down to Delhi in a couple of hours from Bangalore. Only going to pick up Mom from Delhi and then back in Mumbai by late evening Saturday.

We have been doing trials with some recipes that use wine in cooking for the new magazine. New vistas for our kitchen, for sure! And food and cooking is like a cauldron of excitement that has no bottom. In fact if I am ever asked to do a survey on cooking I would choose the topic of daily cooking being a daily chore. To state the obvious, cooking is a daily job so it may be a daily chore and why not? Not every person loves cooking (so what if the same person loves to eat!) and rustling up meal after meal with ingenuity does call for a lot of efforts and planning.

It is to be pointed out that not everybody enjoys new things at every meal…once in a while it is a refreshing idea to serve a new creation or a variation of the same old stuff. So if you are ready, the following pointers will help to make the daily cooking/chore a daily adventure.

Any leftover vegetable like paneer bhurji, baingan bharta, aloo matar ki sabzi or even leftover pulao makes good fillings for stuffed tomatoes. Prepare an array of tomato cases, capsicum cases and onion cases and fill them up. Give toppings of breadcrumbs and grated cheese and let the tray bask under the grill for a while. A very sumptuous and colourful dinner dish is ready!

If your children are fussy about vegetables, why not pierce carrots, tomatoes, paneer cubes, onion chunks, capsicum cubes onto metal skewers and grill them. For more show of creativity make fancy shapes from the vegetables and then skewer them. Brush with salted butter before grilling. Season with salt and pepper or even chaat masala and serve on a bed of lightly flavoured rice. What looks good to eat will definitely find favour with the kids!

The repetitive combinations of dal chawal, roti sabzi, rajma chawal, idli sambar, dosa chutney, chicken curry and parantha, chole bhature can all do with reincarnations. Let us take dal chawal. Serve it by all means but after mixing it in a casserole dish and tempering with chopped onions and beaten yogurt. Garnish with chopped coriander. Roti sabzi can be altered by turning them into closed packets. Simply place some sabzi on one half of the roti. Fold over to make the round edges meet and present a semi circle. Seal the open ends with a little water and make indents with a fork all over. Lightly fry on the pan and serve with tomato ketchup. I am sure even the adults will find nothing amiss in this made up fare!

Making of Holi Quiz for mobile service providers was fun. Everyone in office participated. Lot of non sensical things, questions, debates….. but Indian festivals are like that full of fun and less of definitions.

There’s more in the pot for you! My three promises of getting something different on the table: Palak Lachcha Parantha , Chenna and Fruit Envelope, Penne and Vegetables in Makhni Sauce.

Till I write again

Sanjeev Kapoor


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