Cook with love and a smile

As 14th Feb is meant for an expression of love, the best would be to put in renewed effort and vigour in everyday cooking! Everyday cooking is the most mundane, most taken for granted but the very best way to keep the whole family healthy…so add just two more things in your masala box: love and a smile! See the difference!

I brought back picture of Manit from his birthday celebrations. They say you should learn unconditional love from a child. It is over a period of growing up and the ‘conditional’ love that we parents give so often that sets off the whole cycle of conditional loving. In fact the easiest love to give is unconditional love to your child.

On the work front, going to Nashik to attend The Food Festival under the aegis of Nashik Festival 2010 at Donagare Vasatigruha Maidan, Nashik. It is being organised by the Bhujbal Foundation and has the Grantha Yatra and Haat Bazaar too. I have been invited as Guest of Honour. It should be a one day trip.

The trial kitchen will soon be permeated with the smell of Kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass and other fragrant herbs as we put together a feature of Thai food made easy for the Indian kitchen. Thai food is extremely healthy too as a lot of vegetables are used. More on as the month turns.

I have been getting a lot of enquiries about non-stick cooking ware that is available in the market. There is some confusion about what is the best way to choose a particular brand. Well, your judgement is the best. I would go for something that is a little heavy in weight, has a smooth even finish with no rough edges, comes with warranty and they are not stingy with giving some wooden tools with it and seem fair-priced. The pans which start to flake from the coating should be discarded. In fact, use only wooden and silicon tools to cook in them.

For the weekend, try these easy chocolate desserts that will be greeted with great joy!
Choco Jamun Fondue, Chocolate Fruit Pizza, Chocolate Truffles.

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor.

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