Women’s health: Significant for a happy home

There is a flurry of activity with the trials for the upcoming book on kids’ recipes being stepped up. Soon to be followed by the photo shoot. So that would wrap it up. But there is something more brewing on the ‘books’ stove! Something for working women. In this world of equal opportunities, men and women work at the same pace, matching step with step. In the case of women the pressure is a little more what with responsibilities of home and family. Men have taken up this mantle to some extent but to a large extent the home remains the lady’s domain!
And the woman of the house has to put her health as priority – take general good care with a diet with proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, milk… there are some food swaps that can be easily incorporated so as to facilitate healthier eating – choose chaas or lassi over soft drinks otherwise have a bowl of sweetened yogurt. Forget the cookies and munch on cereal health bars or an apple.

Instead of potato wafers have popcorn. Breakfast is a must for good health in the long term. Most popular snacks like samosas and wada paos are good once in a while. It is better to have a brown bread sandwich with salad filling. Learn to appreciate the goodness of steamed snacks like idlis and dhoklas. Similarly choose khichdi over a biryani. Squeeze in some exercise into whatever cracks of time you find during the working day. Yoga and meditation is a good indoor option. It is very essential for all working women to pamper themselves. Remember only work and no play makes Jill a dull girl!

So what’s light ? Both on the cooking time and calories? Check these out!
Jammu ka Aloo Anardana Parantha (yes try it, it’s made without oil!), Steamed Ginger Chicken with Asian Greens, Poached Eggs on Vegetables.
Today is Alyona‘s younger sister’s son Manit’s first birthday, off to Navy Nagar Colaba for the celebrations.
Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor.

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