Greetings from Aamby Valley, Healthy eating this year

Greetings for the New Year! From where I am seated right now it is a beautiful picturesque view of greens and hills! How I love coming here to chill out…it is rather chilly too even though we did not see any early morning today…

We had a nice office get-together with one birthday celebration and a gift exchange game. Everyone brought a gift and labelled it and then pulled out chits to see who is the giver of the gift! Oh, it was fun and gifts are always intriguing. We also wrote each other New Year wishes and it was a feeling of warmth and bonhomie all around.
I did have a rather late entry into Aamby Valley thanks to one great traffic jam trying to get out of Mumbai. There were hordes of cars headed to the smaller cooler places around Mumbai. Long weekend, why not? The party was awesome with loads of food and a loadful of loud music too! So brought in 2010 with a bang.
Alyona and I do wish you all a very good time ahead in the coming months. May all these forthcoming days, weeks, months be an improvement over whatever you have experienced in the last year! I did receive an SMS stating that may your problems be as short-lived as your new year resolutions! Do you have any New Year Resolutions?
I have set some strong goals to achieve in the coming months. It is just that if we do not set the date, there is no commitment to completion. In case I do not achieve on that date, I will reset the date and keep on working persistently till I get it done!
New healthy offerings for you to start with : Palak tikki with soya granules and Moong moth ka anokha salad. To indulge the sweet tooth how about a Fruity Bread and Butter Pudding?
Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

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