Roast Turkey, Christmas Pudding and movie marathon!

Well, Christmas could not have come at a longer weekend than this! It was bliss being home, in the kitchen, rustling up Roast Turkey and Xmas Pudding. And then it was feast time with family, with Jyotsna, Mayur and Manit joining us!

In fact, turkey has some memories for me dated 1986. I was posted in Varanasi and for Christmas, I wanted to give our hotel guests turkey cooked the traditional way. Little did I know that we could not easily get turkeys in Varanasi and the only way was to check its availability was at a farm in Chunar, near Khurja. I requested our purchase department but they did not seem interested as the only way to check was to actually go down to the village! That village did not have telephones. Our Purchase Manager informed me that every year they ordered bigger chickens and that was acceptable. Not to me. I requested our GM and he offered his official car. I along with the Food and Beverage Manager, started our journey early in the morning. The supplier in Chunar was the sole supplier in the region and we did not even have the proper address to that village. Travelling through different parts of eastern UP, we finally scrambled to reach Chunar and then everybody knew the person who had the prized possession, turkey! We approached him with a lot of confidence but deep inside we were not sure if we would get what we want. Our deepest fears came true when the farm owner (actually there was no farm, we saw a couple of large turkeys wandering around) told us nonchalantly that now it was too late to order the stock. He offered us turkeys for the following Christmas! All my pleadings, offers of a better price fell on deaf ears! We left disappointed but at least we knew what turkeys looked like in the wild, undressed! The following year we ordered turkeys much in advance and made up by cooking not just Roast Turkey but many other dishes including Tandoori Turkey.

Wound up Christmas day with a movie show and enjoyed. Saturday saw Amma’s special Appam with Ishtew as late breakfast and then we lazed around watching some movies at home. Totally relaxed with a playful Manit giving us some joyful moments. Sunday I cooked! My favourite Chicken Laksa with Garlic Bread and later in the evening some TV dinner with leftover turkey sandwiches!

Countdown to 2010!

Sanjeev Kapoor.

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