Learn from mistakes, New Shopping site, Plan for New Year Eve party

Finished Day 1 of Khana Khazana shoot. Got a chance to bake to my heart’s content. In fact, baking is one technique that evokes some fear in the novice cook for they have probably heard about baking disasters! I am sure many bakers will identify with overflowing cake in the tin, or burnt cookie bottoms, or bread dough that refuses to rise, or better still forgetting to add baking powder to that special cake! My endeavour is to use my show in conveying to you that baking is a pleasure, it’s easy and simple and success rate is high. And then who learns from mistakes can actually become an expert because experience is the best teacher!

I have done some goof ups too. In live shows. While talking, placed an empty glass carafe on the gas flame and then went to pour water in it. The carafe separated into two. A little shocked. Then covered up with an apology and a smile and continued the talk. A glass carafe will go on the glass flame but will need some liquid in it to be heated. Actually, it would be fun to know how you have dealt with some mini disasters in your kitchen…all your laugh-a-aloud episodes.

I have a dedicated shopping site for books, food products and kitchen ware: shop.sanjeevkapoor.com. New Year’s Eve is a breath away and you would be wondering about party foods and what to make! How about a few leaves from my Party Book? Smoked Chicken and Fruit Salad,
Savoury Crispies with Creamy Onion Dip and an easy to do Tiramisu!

Sanjeev Kapoor.


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