Joy at Home, Winter recipes

Have you also felt that this year has just flown past us! Time is flying, no doubt, but as the last few days of 2009 roll in, it seems as if the clock is ticking faster! I know it is not possible but the general feeling is that the year that has gone has gone too fast. Actually it stems from the feeling of holding on to time, doesn’t it? But it is an exciting three weeks ahead with some family gatherings, weddings to attend, and planning for the 31st.

My kitchen here is abuzz with some new creations for the winter season. I know we all enjoy the gajar halwa and undhiyu and sarson saag, gobhi aloo, mooli paranthas but as is the norm we are creating more exciting newbies like Crispy arbi tukras, Almond Cappucino … will not reveal more as these recipes will be on line in a couple of days! We also have the Mexican festival that goes on line soon. Mexican food is so much like Indian food! The tortilla is like roti, the salsa like kachumber or chutney and their beans? Our very own rajma! That reminds me, I haven’t had my favourite meal of rajma and chawal (read brown rice here instead of the erstwhile basmati!) in a long time. But I know it is very much on Alyona’s weekly menu as her younger sister Jyotsna is visiting with her absolutely adorable toddler Manit who is all of eleven months, a bundle of pure naughtiness. Jo loves the rajma chawal meal too and as she has sort of spent a lot of her growing up years with us, she has her list of demands (food) with her! Manit is a distraction for Rachita and Kriti, my daughters as far as their studies are concerned as Rachita has her Xth board exams.…but he is a total entertainer and I am sure the girls will cherish this break.

Morning had a good breakfast of something that Amma, my good old maid of years (lost count) had not made in ages-Vermicelli upma. I loved it and share the recipe with you here.

Got to go for a family function. More later.

Sanjeev Kapoor.


3 thoughts on “Joy at Home, Winter recipes

  1. Anusha's Mom says:

    love vermicelli upma myself ! good luck to Rachita on her board exams ! I am looking for a good undhyo recipe any pointers?

  2. Anusha's Mom says:

    superb thank you! you know i have to confess, I cheat on this one, I get the forzen mixed veggie undhyo pack (as in just the veggies cut up, raw and frozen) but I am going to follow the 'masala' from this one next time !

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