Teaching Emotional Intelligence, Awards for Chefs and Managers

I am feeling happy and proud that our younger daughter Kriti has received the best Overall Champion Trophy at the YMCA State Championship. Recognition does wonders for anyone’s self esteem!

Work wise, yesterday went off well. It was great to be able to connect with all the chefs and managers from all The Yellow Chilli outlets. I took some time in the morning teaching Emotional Intelligence, as I personally think Emotional Intelligence Quotient is a major ingredient in the recipe for success. All our lives we are measured for logical reasoning, our maths skills, our understanding prowess and of course the IQ. IQ can help in the academics but in life, for personal and professional success, one needs a high EIQ.

After all our talks about marketing strategies and company policies, we took a break to listen to Chef Irani from Rich Gravis who came in with some latest offerings in fresh cream and truffle products. He did demonstrate heavy cream icing on a cake and that brought in a lot of oohs and aahs. Of course, there was food to follow, a superb lunch from our own kitchen. In the evening we wound up by relaxing over a great Chinese meal at a neighbourhood restaurant. Gorged on soft shell crabs, bamboo rice, steamed fish in oyster sauce, chicken in Chinese parsley sauce and the dessert was a delicious creamy Chickoo icecream.

More about recognition. Today, post lunch at TYC Powai, we are recognising our great achievers: Mr Manoj Thapliyal of TYC Noida is being awarded the Best Manager 2009 award. Chef Bhagwan Singh, TYC Ghaziabad, goes home with two trophies: Best Chef 2009 and Longest Distinguished Service. Chef Shiv Gopal Verma of TYC Guwahati also gets the award for the Longest Distinguished Service.

Later tonight, we have a dinner party at home and looking forward to some sarson da saag and makki di roti. The popular paneer makhani, lulla mussa dal, mutton rogan josh too will be served. And of course, my favourite solkadhi golgappe. It is going to be a late night I know and tomorrow have an early morning shoot! Will skip the morning walk? Perhaps!

Till I write again

Sanjeev Kapoor.

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