In Jakarta for the Food Festival, enjoyed some Indonesian food, launch of ‘Flavours of the Orient’

Local time here and IST has only a difference of 90 minutes (Jakarta is ahead!). This morning began with a cup of the world’s most unusual and expensive coffee called Kopi Luwak. It has a strong coffee taste with a hint of caramel.

Yesterday had regular Indonesian food that uses potatoes with as much enthusiasm as Indian food. Check out the simple and tasty Indonesian Potatoes. As it is ‘fruit’ season in Mumbai, there is a lot of pineapple available. I am recommending this Indonesian Pineapple Curry for you. Coconut looms large in almost all the food here but I thoroughly enjoyed the Pancakes with sweet coconut.

My recently launched book Flavours of the Orient will be able to help you out with more pan-Asian recipes. Tonight am demonstrating the Fish Roll Ghassi which will entail rolling up marinated prawns in fish fillet, wrapping them in foil, steaming them and then immersing them in ghassi. Nice? I think it will be a delight to make for a live audience!

More later. Still haven’t been able to tell you much about the Texas food from my Dallas trip!

Sanjeev Kapoor

Festival of India in Jakarta, demo of four recipes, what you would like to see in a kitchen diary?

Jakarta beckons, and am on the plane tonight. On Tuesday afternoon I would be demonstrating three recipes to a select audience at the Presidential Suite of Hotel Four Seasons there. This is part of The Festival of India, organised by Femina and the Indian Embassy in Jakarta, the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia.

Interestingly, Indonesia is a country which is a cluster of more than 13000 islands! There are many ethnic groups that make up the Indonesian population. Can you guess how many different languages would be spoken there? Two hundred! I have read up about the places of interest and Taman Mini Indonesia Indah – Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park does sound a must see.

After the demos of Prawn Balchao Golgappe, Kachche Murgh ki Biryani and Shrikhand with Stewed Apricots on 22nd I will also be doing a Fish Roll Ghassi on 23rd for special invitees at the hotel’s Coffee House to be followed by an interactive session.

I have been waiting for your responses regarding what you would like to see in a kitchen diary? You can post me your suggestions at the earliest on marking your mail as KITCHEN DIARY. Looking forward to it.

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

Flying back home, Mom in my trial kitchen, Her perfect recipes… Quick Pressure Vegetables & Bhen koftas

Flying back home soon and I have had a good time taking in the sights of Dallas. Far off place and guess I miss my family the most at these times!

The whiff from my trial kitchen claims a lot is happening…yeah, my radar shows that loads have been made with my mother’s help for the new book in the making…Mom is totally excited about getting all her recipes perfected and documented. My research team loved the way she made the Mohanthaal so easily.

And also the koftas with bhen and then the lovely colourful Quick Pressure Cooked Vegetables! Actually, the days of yore had a lot of mincing and crushing to do but this yug loves the ready to eat and fancy cookware. Example is the silicone lid from Ballarini that is labelled the ‘best buy’ on my site. I am going to tell you more about this at a later date.

Meeting the team for the finalisation of the magazine content the moment I am back in office. So a lot awaits…but just wondering if there will be any Mohanthaal left over for me to taste too!

Till I write again.

Sanjeev Kapoor