First ever all vegetarian restaurant, The Yellow Chilli in Ahmedabad

It is Undhiyo season! And the flavour right now in office too is Gujarati as things begin to take shape for the making of the The Yellow Chilli in Ahmedabad.

It is the first ever, all vegetarian restaurant from Sanjeev Kapoor’s table and the menu has been especially designed for the people of Ahmedabad who are great food lovers. My objective is to draw them out between Monday to Friday as they are known to eat out only on weekends! The site has been inspected, approved and stamped and the floor plan is on the drawing board.

Had an induction meeting to discuss all the other matters of importance of starting a restaurant from scratch. This meeting has the objective to bring onto one platform, the owner and the team about the philosophy of The Yellow Chilli restaurant, its positioning, its food, service, value for money and overall experience so that there is no over promising, no over expectation and we aim for realistic goals. And the whole idea is to give people of Ahmedabad a unique experience in enjoying Indian food. There was too much pressure on us to go in for a multi-cuisine restaurant but we are very confident of our product and we are sure that this will continue the trend of single-cuisine restaurant that is doing so well in Ahmedabad.

But, as systems are in place, it is a matter of time and concerted work, and the TYC Ahmedabad can look forward to an Uttaran opening!

Like I said it is Undhiyo season. That’s what’s cooking on the hob right now. The various beans, the green garlic, the raw bananas and glistening small brinjals and the purple yam all are in place. Along with this, we are being treated to Shahi Paneer, Jeera Aloo, Tariwale Kale Chane, Mini Paranthas, Saffron Pea Pulao and Rasmalai for lunch.

Have a nice weekend!

Sanjeev Kapoor.


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