Havan @ Wedding Ann; to Doha

After a long time we had a havan at home yesterday. Alyona and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in a quiet traditional way with the whole family spending the day with us. It was nice and memorable. Today am going to be busy after a short while shooting for Times Now Foodie with Kunal Vijaykar. I am going to be cooking up some Diwali specials along side some strong references to my new book Tandoori Cooking @ Home.

For most of us tandoori has always been equated to restaurant food, isn’t that true? My new book with recipes like Bhutta Seekh Kabab and Kasoori Jhinga not only remove the need for a hot tandoor/ bhatti at home but also show, step by step, how to duplicate the exact restaurant style at home, using the electric oven and the everyday tawa! Some fiery peppercorns can spice up paneer tikka and all you need are some skewers and a hot grill. Keep some onion rings and Mint chutney ready. Similarly, the layered Amritsari Aloo Kulcha which would traditionally be cooked – patted and stuck to the inside of a mitti tandoor, can be easily done using the inner walls of a pressure cooker! What I have attempted to do is to open new vistas for the enthusiastic cook who had always held restaurant food in awe and always wondered if the same results can be possible in the home kitchen. Well, yes, they are! With the personalised touch of cooking with love and affection…

The latter half of this week will be in Doha, Qatar to promote my restaurant Sanjeev Kapoor’s Khazana. It is fast becoming a destination point for expats and locals alike. I am attending the Seafood festival and knowing the quality of the seafood in Doha I am sure it would be a visually appealing see food festival too!

Ludhiana meet was a grand success. There were around five hundred people who were curious to know more about diet sugar and how their love for mithais can be sustained continuously! I know we Punjabis love to eat and do not want to skip out on the meetha part of the meal but with health problems there has to be some sacrifice. I was actually happy to see that so many are becoming health conscious as also so many are willing to learn about new fads in foods!

Post session, I went over to The Yellow Chilli restaurant for some one-on-one press meets. The train ride from Ludhiana to Delhi was restful and I did manage to catch my forty winks. As this new month begins I am sure all of you are already planning the dates of your massive cleaning operation pre Diwali!

And then, some plans for the snacks and sweets too! I see a lot of cookies and chocolates as the new gifting ideas in the market. But, let me tell you, friends, nothing like something simple and homemade food to convey season’s greetings to your friends. I am going to provide with some easy to do, tasty Diwali treats that you can try out.

So keep logged in as http://www.sanjeevkapoor.com welcomes the festivities!

Till I write again
Sanjeev Kapoor