Post Diwali Happenings

This morning came on bright and shining but with the dark cloud of four kilos weight gain! So it was 90 minutes of brisk walking at Juhu beach for me. I think Diwali has taken its toll.

As I am writing this, it suddenly hit me that this has been a week of shoots with Zee! Not my own cookery show but other programmes like a Quiz programme Dadagiri with its host Saurav Ganguly for Zee Bangla. Good fun! And yesterday, for the game show Ghar Ghar Mein telecast on Zee TV. Watch it on November 9 at 7 pm.

What did we do? Well, best left as suspense but it was a lot of fun packed into three four hours. Our daughters and friends had joined in and we had a good time with lots of laughter. Rejuvenating!

My trial kitchen is abuzz with lots of activity as we are compiling the recipes that my mother makes! Alyona is busy with them as she has learnt mom’s style of cooking too. I sure am looking forward to the first printed issue that I will hand over to my mother. I think she is going to love it! The book is not a surprise for her as we had to cajole all the recipes and secrets from her.

Till I get back to the keyboard, Happy Cooking!

Sanjeev Kapoor

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