Diwali Weekend

Back from a totally friends-n-food oriented weekend! Diwali evening was quietly spent at home with family but on Sunday, did what I enjoy the most…cooking, to my heart’s content! First went shopping for some good rawas and mutton as I had long promised my good friend Roopkumar (Rathod) that I would make him a good mutton biryani and he was our special guest for dinner with Sonali and some other friends on Sunday night.

So, we started off with Prawn Golgappe with Solkadi, Paneer Shaslik, Chicken Shaslik for starters and then the main course of rawas fish curry, chicken curry and of course, the mutton biryani! For those who wanted vegetarian I made soya nugget biryani and Alyona said it was the best I have ever made!! Then as we had two exalted singers amongst us, a little cajoling and the singing started. We brought down our harmonium and then Roop and Sonali are very sporting…sang well into the night, fulfilling everyone’s request.

And yes, I even made a huge vegetable lasagne for the Bhai Dooj lunch at home yesterday.

With all this, travel beckons again..this time to Kolkata.

More later.
Sanjeev Kapoor

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