Workshop with Executive Chef Rajeev Basak

Had a wonderful morning watching Executive Chef Rajeev Basak create some absolutely marvellous dishes for my team’s developmental session! He was creating as he talked and cooked along and presented us with three amazingly flavourful dishes: Risotto with Pan roasted Vegetables served with Pepper and Tomato Coulis. The final touch was the Gorgonzola! Next he dished up Duet of Mushrooms with Salad Greens in Mustard Cognac Dressing and the finale, a grand flambéed finale, was the Banana Fosters. I could see that he takes great effort to present his dish, perfect to the T.

Chef Rajeev spoke at length about flavouring of food and enlightened us with his knowledge about spices, seasonings and how the tongue is finely demarcated with tasting points. We have not had a session as informative and as much fun as this in a long time…imagine, learning and tasting lovely food simultaneously. He has promised to give us his recipes! Rajeev Basak comes across as a cool guy as he has travelled extensively, starting his career with the Taj Group of Hotels and then got associated with the cruise liners.

Too replete to write any more. Till tomorrow then.

Sanjeev Kapoor

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