Back from Hyderabad. I had gone there to formally launch the new book Wrap n Roll at Landmark. As the place started to get crowded and noisy, hopped over to The Yellow Chilli (ten minutes walking distance!) for all the interviews. Hyderabad holds much delight for both Alyona and I. We had a late and lazy breakfast at Chutneys (the steamed dosa is a no oil version and really super) and by the time we left it was nearly one o’ clock.
Same evening went for dinner to Paradise Restaurant which is loved for its biryanis. In fact, they give excellently packed take away. Hyderabad airport is jazzed up. As our flight was a little late we reviewed all the fast food outlets and do they serve in style! The gelatos go the fastest as also the cookies from Karachi bakery. I could not help but notice the stress on brown bread at these joints. I have always been of the opinion that Indians have been eating brown bread for centuries…think of the roti/chapatti/rotli…isn’t it brown bread? Wholewheat flour product baked on a griddle instead of the oven? Our everyday food is atte ki roti and not maide ki roti. Think about it. We have had the blessings of whole food since centuries and then the sliced, soft white bread comes along and then decades later the ‘brown bread’. There is no way of confirming that the ‘brown bread’ we have bought is really made of wholewheat or is it really refined flour with caramel colour.
My new book Wrap n Roll makes excellent use of rotis to make quick meals and snacks for those on the move. I think it is high time we switched from sliced breads to rotis and let this campaign begin tomorrow itself when you have to make your kid’s tiffin.
Have to go now. Till I write again.

Sanjeev Kapoor

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