Budget Day

Budget Day and I am in the Capital. Just a coincidence. People may call it a lacklustre budget but according to me, things are status quo  – it is a aam aadmi ka budget. No points on food industry and lots to do with farmers, female education, employment guarantee scheme for rural youth and a tremendous boost for infrastructure like highways, telecom and airports. Mumbai gets an increased budget for its storm water drainage project to avoid floods. The Policy on National Food security will give all BPL families 25 kg rice per month at Rs 3/kg.
There is going to more housing for poor, a step towards a slum-free India. And yes, remote places will also have banks. Going to urban India, for those who are city based salaried and business dwellers, Saral 2 would be simple. The tax exemption limit for senior citizens and women has been raised, albeit marginally. Enhanced allocation to education sector with 450 crores for new IITs.  Public sector disinvestment – 51% equity to remain with government, rest will go to public.
Let us see the brighter side of things. This too shall pass and the next budget will come with its promises.
Till I write again,
Sanjeev Kapoor