International travel – taste the local food

We were having this little discussion over the lunch table today about how things are easier for non-vegetarians than the vegetarians when they go abroad for short stints, either on holiday or business. Well, if you are on holiday with a planned tour, of course the tour company will provide you with food that will be easy for you: especially when Jains travel, they do make it a point to go with a tour company that will provide them Jain meals. I know of business executives who travel with ready to cook packets of dals and sabzis and complement them with store bought bread.

In fact, there is a downside here. When one travels abroad, one major part of the experience is the food! The local cuisine, a taste of the national favourites, a cup of coffee at the bistro, a giant burger in a US McDonalds, a  fillet of smoked salmon in Tallin, what have you. Or if you are a strict vegetarian then do research before hand and try out the local vegetarian delights. I remember some time back in Hong Kong, we had some friends with us who are vegetarians. They ordered steamed rice and a tofu preparation. That is a good meal! And ended it with loads of china grass pudding.

So when in Rome, do as Romans do, and also ensure that the fun of the holiday is not marred by a lack of tasty nutritious meals.

Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor

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