New menu for Singapore Airlines; Book – Food For Fussy Kids

Even has the rains come hard on parched Mumbai, the day simply rolls out into the night even faster than before…how time flies! These are the days of traffic jams, potholes masked as small treacherous muddy pools in the middle of the road, and the daily suspense – if schools will be let out early!
And then, food keeps becoming larger in my life! Just back from Singapore – had been there to try out the new recipes for the Shahi Thali for Singapore Airlines. I have been on their panel for over three years now. What are we creating? To name just a few, Paneer Tulsi Malai, Nadru Rogani, Orange Chenna Payesh Stuffed Profiteroles – the new flavours of the season for the seasoned travellers who are always looking forward to new foods on every flight.
Have a new book on the anvil called Food for Fussy Kids and this is one book that I would love you to make! Check out the invitation on the website for pix and recipes and let us, you and I and my team, come up with a cheery, helpful book that could stop a lot of young mothers from developing grey hair by easing their problem of feeding fussy children. I do look forward to some great creative interaction and contributions from you!
Till I write again.
Sanjeev Kapoor.

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