IIHM Reunion – Delhi

Just about to check out from a lovely hotel in Milan, after a hectic time in London researching restaurant sites. Milan holds a lot of promise for food and fashion lovers as there are signature stores of Gucci, Armani and Fendi to name a few. I was here to look at Super chef restaurant quality kitchen equipment for the home chef. Now off to New Delhi where nostalgia awaits me as April 9th is Reunion day in IIHM Pusa Delhi…25 years since I graduated and have worked on contacting many of my friends cajoling them to attend with spouses. I feel so good that finally we all be meeting after 25 years! I am glad that we all have been able to find time to dedicate one day of our hectic lives for sheer nostalgia. I know that we may not get such an opportunity again in the near future. Golden Jubilee thought is bit far fetched for me! 

Twenty five years is a long time. But it looks like just yesterday. Though I keep going to the Institute off and on, I am looking forward to meet everybody from our batch. So much has changed yet everything thing still feels familiar. Our batch was special. Many of us have remained in contact. I feel so touched and honoured that whenever I have needed anything from them, their support has been overwhelming. There are some of them who I was very close to during college days but somehow we lost touch over the years and drifted apart. But in the last two months, I have been able to contact many of them and I am looking forward to meeting them. Then there are some batch mates, who I hardly knew during college days yet today they are family friends. 

Sameer Puri and Rajeev Matta have been working hard interacting with the batch and moving things ahead. We are also inviting a few of our seniors. Mr. D. D. Sharma, Faculty, is doing the needful as far as inviting the faculty and staff of our time. We are also inviting 7-8 prominent members of PIHMAA (Alumni Association of Pusa Institute). Gifts/Mementoes for faculty and staff have been organized. 

I will travel from Italy and so will others from other parts of the country and world. My birthday on the following day will be in New Delhi this time. I was twenty when I passed out of Pusa and even as I write this a lot of flashback, in not-so-filmy style, is happening. I feel enriched because of my family, my wife and lovely kids. I am looking forward to a great deal of fun and comments on expanding bald pates and expanding paunches…this is what boys discuss at reunions for a fleeting minute and then it is food and laughter galore! 

Happy Cooking!

Sanjeev Kapoor

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